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Frozen Yogurt Back Office Access Module  | Local Access Only | No Terminal Functions

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Frozen Yogurt Back Office Access Module | Local Access Only | No Terminal Functions


Quick Overview

Your terminals can handle point of sale transactions along with access to the back office operation management.
Sometimes it can be a struggle accessing administrative functions of the POS Systems while customers are being processed. No matter how important the information you need, it is hard interrupting the flow of the line.
Customers don't appreciate it and it's just back for business. For business with physical office locations in their establishments with computers already installed. The back office license is a great way to connect to the POS Database without disrupting the operations at the front counter. Run Operation Management and log in to access all your administrative tool. Create reports that you can export and save, print, or email directly to accountants and other necessary persons.

Don't have an office?
Access Operations Management using your laptop. As long as you can connect to the store network you can access the database. Installation: Requires remote connection for activation and link to database. Internet Connection Required for Installation.

Need Terminal Access from Back Office?
Upgrade to Full Access Back Office to access Terminal Functions. Create orders and process transactions from the back office unit. Requires Access Dongle that will be shipped upon purchase.


Operation Management Access Only. No Returns on Software Purchase. All Software purchases are final.

For Terminal Access add on module is required along with a support plan.

Hardware must meet all software requirements.

Hardware Support Not Include.


  • Easy and straightforward user interface
  • Powerful menu layout tool
  • Simplified menu and inventory control
  • Flexibility
  • Payment processing integration
  • Training mode/help desk


  • Dual monitor capabilities
  • Easy to set up menu modifiers
  • Video playback
  • Photo slideshow playback
  • Drag and drop menu manager
  • Complete hostess features
  • Waiting list and guest paging function
  • Payment processing integration
  • Visual floor management
  • FlexGift™ integration
  • Kitchen display
  • Weight scale integration (Avery Berkel)



  • Intel 1.5 GHz or higher CPU
  • 512 MB or higher RAM (1-2 GB RAM is strongly recommended)
  • 40 GB or higher free hard drive space
  • A reasonably fast hard drive (The higher its RPM, the better)
  • Video display supporting 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution
  • Windows® XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro Only.
  • Global Language settings on Operating System.
  • Enough serial, parallel and USB ports for all your intended peripherals

Software will work with minimum requirements above. For high volume business with constant use of the POS System, hardware upgrades may be necessary to gain maximum use of the system's efficiency. Contact us today with your hardware description and we will happily inform you of the status of your hardware based on information you provide.

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