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  1. Kitchen Printer Dual Character Arabic Chinese

    Special module features allows this kitchen printer to print characters other than roman characters. Perfect for use when foreign characters such as Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and a host of other languages. Ideal for kitchen with staff needing orders in different languages. Designed to work with Sintel Systems point of sale (POS) software including restaurant and retail. Special software upgrade might be required at additional cost.

    Printer is very popular with:

    Restaurant POS SoftwareChinese Food Software POS

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  2. Sintel Systems Point of Sale POS Printer

    The High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer has been engineered to withstand the harshest of environments. It is perfect for high-volume retail and hospitality operations. The Receipt Printer features fast image printing, JamFree Autocutter Technology, and all models include the standard interface cable.

    • Multiple Interfaces: USB, USB/Parallel, USB/RS232, USB/Ethernet (Interface cable(s) included)
    • 7.9" (200mm) per Second Print Speed
    • Drop-in thermal paper loading
    • JamFree Autocutter Technology
    • ESC/POS and OPOS compatible
    • Swappable interface cards
    • Wall mountable
    • 3-Year Advance Replacement Protection.
    • Overnight Replacement Service available
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  3. Sintel Systems Point of Sale Restaurant Kitchen Impact Printer

    Sintel Systems Point of Sale Impact Receipt Printer is built to last. Perfect for extreme environments such as kitchens, the POS Impact delivers the steadfast performance expected from a best-of-breed impact printer and features:

    • Multiple Interfaces: USB, Parallel, RS232, Ethernet
    • 5 Lines per Second Print Speed
    • ESC/POS and OPOS compatible
    • Swappable interface cards
    • Interface cable included
    • Drop-in paper loading
    • 3-Year Advance Replacement Protection
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  4. TP-500 Thermal Receipt Printer

    The TP-500 is a quiet and powerful printer that complements any of our UP-series systems. Built to perform to the highest standards, this unit features fast paper loading and prints up to 200mm per second. This unit also has a recordable voice prompt function, giving users customized reminders when the receipt is done printing. * Simple maintenance and operation * Prints up to 203 dpi resolution * Fast printing (up to 200 mm per second) * Suitable for restaurant, retail or any other business environment * ESC/POS command compatible with TM-T88III * Windows, OPOS Drivers Learn More
  5. Zebra LP2844 Label Printer with Peeler

    Label Printer for all tagging needs. Learn More

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