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Sintel Systems Omni Channel POS Solutions

Sintel Systems is an American multinational direct and one-stop omni channel point of sale (POS) solution provider. We serve clients across five continents including Africa, Asia, Latin America (Central/South America), North America, and Oceania. Our vast portfolio of software is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Our highly specialized team is globally recognized for our top-grade designer hardware including its i-series POS terminals, local and/or cloud based professional POS software, premier U.S. based POSupport(R) all-inclusive support & maintenance program, rapid warranty plan, integrated direct merchant account processing, and global gift/loyalty card program.

Sintel Systems continuous focus on our clients has garnered our customers the support infrastructure to grow from single locations into international franchises rapidly without compromising service and quality. Larger franchises frequently convert to Sintel Systems in their efforts to increase operational efficiency with a team that understands and responds to the intricacies of stratified businesses.

Ignite your next venture with Sintel Systems, gain operational oversight over your exiting business, or partner with us to elevate your franchise.


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Popular POS Technologies

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Top Language & Country POS Solutions

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