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Drive-Thru Perfect Match For Following:

QSR & Fast Food Point of Sale Chinese & Asian Cuisine Point of Sale

Coffee Shop Point of Sale Donut Shop Point of Sale

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Introducing Sintel Systems drive thru Kitchen Display System. Owners and managers everywhere attest to the significance of drive thru transactions in most quick service and fast food operations. Drive thrus increase sales, profits and margins by serving patrons in their vehicles with speed and efficiency. This makes delivering orders quickly and accurately very important. So from the time an order is taken to its delivery, Sintel Systems Kitchen Display Systems play an important role every step of the way. With Sintel Systems drive thru KDS systems, food expediters stay ahead by easily prioritizing drive-thru orders and simply interacting with KDS systems that only show drive thru orders. Sintel’s KDS systems further increase productivity by categorizing and sending specific parts of an order to the designated station so cooks only see what they need to prepare and expediters collect and serve all parts of an order faster. Full color displays further enhance staff’s ability to distinguish between and within orders to ensure increased accuracy and higher customer satisfaction.

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