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Why we are your partner for long-term growth?

Franchising is the goal!  You open a business hoping to become successful, expand into multiple locations and become the next Starbucks.  We can play an important role in getting you there. In fact we can play multiple roles allowing you to concentrate on more important matters such as making money. Our FRANCHISE GROWTH ORIENTED PRICING allows for more of your money to be spent on growth and less on the headaches and hassles of operations. We are your one stop shop for all your Point of Sale needs. You would have to deal with at least 4 different vendors that provide nothing but the run around.

How to Select the Right POS?

POS Systems are designed to accommodate solutions based on the type of business you are running.

Follow these steps to get you to the right system:

  • Step 1: Select your Business Category (ie. Retail)
  • Step 2: Select your Business Type (ie. Clothing Store)
  • Step 3: Select the Model Series (ie. Model E Series)
  • Step 4: Select the Model Type (ie. Model 5i)
  • Step 5: Select the Number of Terminals (ie. 2 Terminal)
The above example would result in a 2 Terminal Model E4 Retail POS System for Clothing Store.
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